2006-03-09 23:46:29

interview - followup

In the interview, I mentioned that lots of the things I felt was missing is already in the works. Reading an interesting piece by Dan Price about Zones Development: You're invited I found a link to some of the Zones Project Documents - looking at that page, they've already covered one of my wishes with "Zones move and clone" and "Zones migration (attach/detach)". The other zones related feature I'd love to see is dtrace within zones, which is listed as being in development. All in all, things are looking good to me and I've got my fingers crossed hoping that all of it will be in Update 2.

Another interesting bit arrived on zones-discuss (at) opensolaris.org just as I was typing this:

From: Dan Price
Subject: [zones-discuss] The migration is on...

As of right now, we've completed a move of our Sun-internal
zones-interest list to zones-discuss (at) opensolaris.org


Please join me in welcoming the 417 new members of this mailing list!

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