2007-01-01 20:14:52

Bye, bye Venice

It is only a bit more than a month ago that I posted about my current job. That job has now become a former job.
Now, after 7 months working on The Venice Project I've decided to return home and had my last day on December 31st (working well into the evening). The decision about leaving was by no means an easy one and was very long in the making. Part of the risk of joining a start-up is that sometimes a job ends up being different than it looked when you joined.
I'm going to miss the people there, and wish them all the best of luck with the project and hope that I'll get a chance to drop by once or twice for a couple of beers.

Plans for the new year are still being worked out, but so far I've got the following for January:
  • Start looking for a job
  • Write an Apache module (I'm not telling which, because all my good ideas seem to be taken before I even get started)
  • Write a bit of java (I know the basics of the language, but never found it interesting enough to do more than implement a few standard algorithms)
  • Implement an automated solaris development zone tool
  • Set up a test environment for Sun Cluster 3.2
  • Detox from dutch food (see future posting when the trauma of it is far enough in the past to not feel the horror ;)

More will get on the list as we go along, but with only 25 hours / day, something else might have to give.

UPDATE: Someone got it very wrong in: Trouble In Venice? Developer Leaves Highly Anticipated IPTV Project!. First of all, I didn't work there as a developer I was working on operations. Secondly and much more importantly; I didn't leave because of trouble, I left because over time the job turned out to not be right for me. Parts of the technology choices and the tasks I got changed over time as other people joined and we got further in the planning all in all leaving me with a less than perfect job.
Absolutely no hard feelings on my part, and I still think they're going to succeed.

The Venice Project

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